About Us

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Welcome to the INTHEBLUES Online Store.

My name is Shane Diiorio and I have been around music and music gear for many years since I first fell in love with electric guitar.  I have a love for blues music, guitars, great tone, and producing videos.  This love for the combination of things I listed set me on a path producing over 1400 videos on my YouTube channel called intheblues.  I have produced videos about pedals, guitars, amplifiers, comparisons, guitar lessons, interviews, and many more.  This channel is now the largest in Australia and one of the top 4 Worlds largest channels.

I've also written many reviews for products on one of my numerous gear blogs in my spare time and have enjoyed the thrill of testing out new gear for the first time.

Over the years as the channel grew I found more and more people were contacting me to demo items whether it be friends, friends of friends, shops, and companies.  My channel reaches around 850,000 people per month.

All this knowledge of products has led me to setting up this humble shop online.  What you'll find here is a mix of brand new items as well as some used gear from my personal collection or my friends personal collection.

The site accepts PayPal only right now, so if you've used eBay or Amazon in the past you'll have no trouble buying from my store.

Many thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions please feel free to email me.


Shane Diiorio