Ex-Demo Pedals

Ex-Demo Pedals

Pedals that have been used for video purposes and are no longer required for the channel. 
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  • Deroy Amplification - Fools EQ & Volume Boost Pedal (DEROYOD)

    Deroy Amplification - Fools EQ & Volume Boost Pedal

    Made in Canada - Killer Design and tones!

    This item was shipped without any box but I will bubble wrap it and make sure it's protected for transportation.
    Made in Canada - 2 Band EQ and Boost!
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  • Anasounds Lazy Compressor Pedal (LAZYCOMP)

    This is the Anasounds Lazy Compressor Pedal. 

    A subtle blend of compression and dynamics

    the lazy comp is an optical compressor, fully adjusted upstream by us. On the front, there is a single setting: the mix  (dry/wet), it… mixes clean sound and compressed sound.

    the lazy side of the pedal refers to the fact that this is a plug & play compressor, just turn the mix potentiometer to find its happiness.

    9V pedal

    A simple and great sounding compressor pedal made in France!
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