Greenchild LLC Tribus Boost, Overdrive, and Distortion Pedal Version 1.5 (beta)

EX-DEMO! Perfect Condition & Includes original box
Greenchild LLC Tribus Boost, Overdrive, and Distortion Pedal

Ex-Demo.  This unit was used only for video purposes and is in excellent condition.

Offering durable construction and a vintage vibe for the consummate musician, Greenchild LLC’s Tribus Drive takes multi-functional effects to an entirely new level with random access switching. Tribus enables quick, silent, and reliable channel hopping across all three channels (boost, overdrive, and distortion).
The Tribus Drive is a distinctly voiced, handmade, guitar pedal designed with a broad ranging tonal palette. From blues, rock, metal, country, and jazz, Tribus Drive has you covered.


Random access switching: hop from channel-to-channel in any sequence
MOSFET-based distortion
True mechanical bypass across all three channels
Properly matched input and output impedance
Silent relay muting (via internal toggle switch)
Extreme touch sensitivity; responds dynamically to every nuance of your playing
Equally well suited for driving tubes, solid state amps, or direct injection (DI)
Built like a tank, by hand in the USA, with premium quality parts

27dB of clean boost on tap; plenty of power to drive your amp into pure, glorious saturation. The Bone Ray tone control matches the flexibility of a traditional three knob tone stack, with only two knobs.
An extremely dynamic MOSFET overdrive that will add bite to your signal and push your tone to the limits. The tone control provides treble boost or cut, and the volume control features an active Baxandall circuit for extra power and sustain.
Distortion served with tons of dirt and saturated gain. Expect MOSFET based distortion with Plexi tones that range from rock to heavy metal, and a unique voice control that adds punch or clarity on demand.

Input Impedance: 1M ohm
Output Impedance: 600 ohm
Power Connector: DC center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
Current Draw: 80ma
Operating Voltage: 9V to 18V 
Reverse Power Protection: Yes
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Dimensions: 7.402” Width x 4.724” Depth x 1.457” Height
Input/output Connectors:           1/4” mono, Switchcraft style jacks
Weight: Approx. 1.75 pounds / 896 grams

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