Compressor pedals reduce your dynamics but they also boost frequencies and strings that can get lost in the mix making everything sound clearer.  This is perfect for music style such as Funk and Country.  It can be used in Pop, Rock, and Blues as well.
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  • Caline CP-10 Hot Mushroom Compressor Pedal (EC753)
    Caline CP-10 Hot Mushroom Compressor Pedal

    Compressors take away your dynamics but what they do in return is give you more of everything and it's perceived as a more balanced overall tone and sound with a volume boost.  Compressors are used mostly for Funk and Country guitar playing.  They offer more spank and balanced dynamics between each of the strings.

    True bypass design
    Balance volume, Join the compression of timbre
    Create a wonderful sense of tapping, exquisite portamento and Rich dynamic range.
    Use the COMP and LEVEL knobs to find your ideal tone. 
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