Distortion is a heavier effect than Overdrive.  It's found on more modern recordings including Modern Rock, Metal and more.  Distortion has various grades of "power".  When I think Distortion I think of anything from Metallica, Rob Zombie, and many more great heavy bands.  Distortion can be used for both fat and chunky rhythm tones as well as stinging lead solos.
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  • Caffiene Booster
    Sitek GE Caffiene Booster Pedal (SITEKDISTORTION)

    Caffeine is a Booster pedal perfect for boosting the volume of your instrument, pushing your tube amp into more “crunchy” territory, providing an additional channel of gain to your dirt pedals or simply enriching the harmonic content of your signal
    Handmade in Ireland
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  • Bad Pixel Pedals F**k You Real Tube Boost (BADPIXEL)

    Bad Pixel Pedals F**k You Real Tube Boost

    * 12AU7 Tubes [nice NOS or as new vintage tubes will be included with the pedal. Again we strive to harvest the best for our pedals. We do trust the older production tubes better. So brands will vary. So, you will always  be getting high quality European / American or Japanese  with our pedals]
    * NOS USSR Military Capacitors [high spec]
    * Carbon composition 1/2 watt resistors
    * Ceramic plate tube socket
    * Switch for input capacitor selection
    * Neutrik jacks
    * Alpha potentiometers
    * Chemically etched graphics
    * Design like no other
    * Highest quality
    * Lifetime warranty free


    This pedal says it all..... Imagine this ph@llic statue on stage boosting your frequencies. Questions will fly by and you will be center of attention. Well, it is such a nice boost/overdrive!!!! It features one 12AU7 TUBE [included] and point to point wiring. Now with a toggle for a selection of the input capacitor. It also works great with bass guitar. One way to describe it ill be the following. Tube boost on [awesomeness] / Tube boost Off [boringgggg]! You choose
    The fascinating thing about it is that it gives the tube character to any amp you plug it in. It can make a cr@ppy little solid state amp sound like a tube one. So not only it boosts but also adds a tube flavor. It does not compress that much. The signal will be bigger, more open, louder with a really rich breakup. All you are asking for!!!!
    Only powered with a standard 9v dc adapter.
    So if you are after a real tube booster, this is the way to go. It captures all the tube flavor we love in tube amps and gives you the ability to add it with more flexibility!!! You try it once.......... you cannot turn it off!!!! Lots of punch and output and great break up.. a winner!
    Crazy name but an amazing pedal!
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  • Bizarre Violine Distortion Pedal (VIOLINEDIST)
    Bizarre Violine Distortion Pedal
    _4N_Bizarre Violine - Best distortion pedal - left side front angle
    Soulful Guitar Tone
    The Bizarre Violine has a very warm and organic sound that always cuts through the mix both live and in the studio. It has a really unique voice, unique sound, but at the same time stays true to the sound of your fingers, instrument and guitar controls. It gives incredible sustain, harmonics and overtones.

    You can completely control the amount of saturation just by using your playing dynamics. It’s easy to achieve beautiful high gain or low gain tones by adjusting your guitar controls, dynamics or the gain knob. It responds and is more sensitive than any previous amplifier or pedal. Check the demos below!

    Studio Quality EQ
    Our EQ is very musical and sounds always good, even at extreme settings! The Bass control lets you dial how big you want your cab or combo to sound like. The Mid control lets you not only adjust the overall tone to your particular amplifier but it also enables you to have ultimate control on how vocal you want your tone to be. The High knob adjusts the overall brightness adding or cutting “air”.

    Clean Control
    The Clean knob allows you to add the clean signal back to the distorted signal. It mixes the pedal input signal with the saturated signal. Please note that the EQ only has an effect on the saturated signal.

    At moderate settings, it gives great note attack and definition and allows for dual amp style layering effect if used with boost or overdrive. Higher settings sound great on bass guitar where this clean parallel chain lets you add grit and compression, making it sound really big on the mix or for solos.

    Great for unique bass and guitar sounds!

    Precise Control
    All Controls have 10 detents so that you can easily and precisely recall your favorite settings and quickly setup before a gig. You can, of course, use the in between positions of the detents.

    Pedal Connect System
    Our Pedal Connect System allows the ON/Bypass state to be remotely controlled by devices like the upcoming Bizarre Midi Switcher or even a simple self-made on/off switch.

    Another feature it brings is that if you use the footswitch as normal it works as expected, but if you keep holding/pressing the switch down it will enter a nonlatching mode. This means that if the effect was initially OFF it will turn ON and stay ON only for as long as your foot is pressing down the switch. The contrary is also true.

    This is great for accentuating short parts and avoids a lot of footswitch control dance!

    True Bypass
    It is 100% True Bypass and uses a very high-quality relay that will last a lifetime. This heavily reduces the switching popping noise and the loud mechanical “clunk” associated with normal switches. No more pedal switching tap dance or broken switches!
    Other features:
    Can be powered using a standard 9 or 12V power adapter, 2.1mm center negative
    Consistent performance gig after gig, no matter what power supply you use or if the ambient temperature is hot or cold
    Bright LED that is always visible, even in direct sunlight or on bright stages
    Low battery indicator -if the LED starts to blink you have one hour of battery life left
    If the supply voltage drops to a very low level the pedal will switch to Bypass mode
    Reverse polarity protection: It simply won’t power up, protecting itself
    Overvoltage Protection: if the LED blinks really fast, please disconnect the faulty power supply
    Designed and built like a tank, it will last a lifetime
    Proudly Made in Portugal, Europe
    Made in Portugal (1 only!) Worth $415 AUD!
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  • Greenchild LLC Tribus Boost, Overdrive, and Distortion Pedal Version 1.5 (beta) (TRIBUS1.5)
    Greenchild LLC Tribus Boost, Overdrive, and Distortion Pedal

    Ex-Demo.  This unit was used only for video purposes and is in excellent condition.

    Offering durable construction and a vintage vibe for the consummate musician, Greenchild LLC’s Tribus Drive takes multi-functional effects to an entirely new level with random access switching. Tribus enables quick, silent, and reliable channel hopping across all three channels (boost, overdrive, and distortion).
    The Tribus Drive is a distinctly voiced, handmade, guitar pedal designed with a broad ranging tonal palette. From blues, rock, metal, country, and jazz, Tribus Drive has you covered.


    Random access switching: hop from channel-to-channel in any sequence
    MOSFET-based distortion
    True mechanical bypass across all three channels
    Properly matched input and output impedance
    Silent relay muting (via internal toggle switch)
    Extreme touch sensitivity; responds dynamically to every nuance of your playing
    Equally well suited for driving tubes, solid state amps, or direct injection (DI)
    Built like a tank, by hand in the USA, with premium quality parts

    27dB of clean boost on tap; plenty of power to drive your amp into pure, glorious saturation. The Bone Ray tone control matches the flexibility of a traditional three knob tone stack, with only two knobs.
    An extremely dynamic MOSFET overdrive that will add bite to your signal and push your tone to the limits. The tone control provides treble boost or cut, and the volume control features an active Baxandall circuit for extra power and sustain.
    Distortion served with tons of dirt and saturated gain. Expect MOSFET based distortion with Plexi tones that range from rock to heavy metal, and a unique voice control that adds punch or clarity on demand.

    Input Impedance: 1M ohm
    Output Impedance: 600 ohm
    Power Connector: DC center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
    Current Draw: 80ma
    Operating Voltage: 9V to 18V 
    Reverse Power Protection: Yes
    Over Voltage Protection: Yes
    Dimensions: 7.402” Width x 4.724” Depth x 1.457” Height
    Input/output Connectors:           1/4” mono, Switchcraft style jacks
    Weight: Approx. 1.75 pounds / 896 grams

    Read the Greenchild LLC Tribus Drive full review here.
    EX-DEMO! Perfect Condition & Includes original box
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  • TOD2
    LunaStone True Overdrive #2 Overdrive Pedal (LUNASTONE2)
    unaStone Expands the Compact Pedal Series with TrueOverDrive 2 (Copenhagen, 3 April 2017) Following the successful launch of TrueOverDrive 1 at NAMM 2017, the Danish guitar pedal brand LunaStone now follows up with a new overdrive pedal – TrueOverDrive 2. TOD 2 looks very similar to TOD 1. In fact, on the surface only the number on the silk print sets them apart, but once they are plugged in, it becomes clear that TOD 2 adds more low end to the drive tone. “Guitar overdrive is very often a personal matter of preference,” says Steen Grøntved, founder of LunaStone. “And for some, a beefy bottom is the tone of reference so that is exactly what TOD 2 brings to the board. Overall, the core tone and transparency is the same as the original TOD 1, but with that extra low-end punch that fits certain playing styles and musical genres better. It is out goal to cater for all guitar players, so it was a logical next step for us to make this tweak, tuning the pedal differently to make sure there is a suitable TOD for everyone out there.” Physically, the appearance is exactly the same as TOD 1 with diagonally positioned knobs that can be adjusted on the fly with the foot, a clearly visible LED and a soft switching footswitch with relay. All of which is united in a minimalistic Scandinavian design package. More than 23000 guitar effects pedals from 4000 brands: http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/lunastone/tod2
    An Amazing Sounding Overdrive (1 x Only!)
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  • Cocoa Distortion
    Sitek GE Coca Distortion Pedal (made in Ireland) (SITEKDISTORTION)

    Cocoa is a versatile gain pedal, offering anything from a clean boost, smooth overdrive to harmonic-rich distortion. Her Soft/Hard operation modes allow the user to achieve  different distortion profiles, while simple and efficient tone control helps in taming high frequency content of the output signal.
    Handmade in Ireland
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