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  • SviSound OverZoid OZ01 Overdrive Pedal (STEAM-PUNK) (SVIOZ01)
    SviSound OverZoid OZ01 Overdrive Pedal (STEAM-PUNK DESIGN) EX-DEMO

    Quite simply this is one the best pedals on earth for pushing your off-clean tone into solo heaven.  I would put it on par with the VFE Merman which is based on the infamous Klon KTR.  Mark from SviSound combines a unique mix with an original design making this one of the best overdrive pedals on the planet.  There's only a few pedals I put in such high regard and this is one of them.

    Ex-Demo Pedal (Killer Tones!)
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  • Clone Central Clone Centaur Overdrive Pedal (CLONEKLON)
    1 x ONLY

    The Clone Central Clone Centaur is based on the Klon Centaur pedal (it's pretty obvious hey!) 

    This pedal was returned and repaired. It had a faulty solder join which is now fixed and working fine (tested properly).  Pedal has velcro on the underside of the unit. 

    This pedal will give you all the famous tones of the original while keeping true to some extent visually.
    • Transparent Overdrive Pedal
    • Gold Color Enclosure
    • Three controls - Drive, Tone, and Volume
    • Works with both a 9v Battery (not included) or a 9v Boss style Power Supply Unit.
    • High quality PCB board
    • High quality Jacks and pots
    Please note the case is actually even and rectangular.  My photo makes it look a little skewed.  :)

    This is Used but in fully working condition
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  • TOD2
    LunaStone True Overdrive #2 Overdrive Pedal (LUNASTONE2)
    unaStone Expands the Compact Pedal Series with TrueOverDrive 2 (Copenhagen, 3 April 2017) Following the successful launch of TrueOverDrive 1 at NAMM 2017, the Danish guitar pedal brand LunaStone now follows up with a new overdrive pedal – TrueOverDrive 2. TOD 2 looks very similar to TOD 1. In fact, on the surface only the number on the silk print sets them apart, but once they are plugged in, it becomes clear that TOD 2 adds more low end to the drive tone. “Guitar overdrive is very often a personal matter of preference,” says Steen Grøntved, founder of LunaStone. “And for some, a beefy bottom is the tone of reference so that is exactly what TOD 2 brings to the board. Overall, the core tone and transparency is the same as the original TOD 1, but with that extra low-end punch that fits certain playing styles and musical genres better. It is out goal to cater for all guitar players, so it was a logical next step for us to make this tweak, tuning the pedal differently to make sure there is a suitable TOD for everyone out there.” Physically, the appearance is exactly the same as TOD 1 with diagonally positioned knobs that can be adjusted on the fly with the foot, a clearly visible LED and a soft switching footswitch with relay. All of which is united in a minimalistic Scandinavian design package. More than 23000 guitar effects pedals from 4000 brands:
    An Amazing Sounding Overdrive (1 x Only!)
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