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  • Klon KTR Overdrive Pedal
    KLON KTR Overdrive Pedal (Used) (KLONKTR)
    This is pedal is used and is in full working condition.  It comes with the original box as well.  There are some marks and scratches on it but it's in excellent working condition.  This was from the first run of KTR pedals several years ago now.

    The Klon KTR captures all the magic of the legendary Klon Centaur Boost/OD. It's 100% designed by the original manufacturer, Bill Finnegan.

    This pedal is straight ahead and completely intuitive. A wide range of sounds are available from this modern classic.  It can produce transparent boost to warm rich overdrive tones, all with the signature mid-range boost that it’s famous for. The KTR is designed to overdrive the amp further into breakup, producing a lively and dynamic lead tone. The Treble control is very powerful and capable of providing subtle gradations in high-frequency response. It is usable and natural-sounding throughout its entire range; experiment


    Overdrive Mode: With the Gain turned up (starting at about 10 o'clock) the creamy overdrive tones are addicting. Different amps and pedals have different input-stage headroom characteristics, so take some time to experiment with the Output to find whatever setting gives you the best results with your particular rig.

    Clean-boost Mode: With the Gain control at its minimum setting, the unit is in clean-boost mode. In this mode the circuit has enormous headroom and will not generate any distortion of its own. Clean-boost enables you to hit the front end of your amp harder, or the next pedal in your signal path harder, without changing any of the essential characteristics of the signal.

    Slide Switch: The output of the unit's predecessor, the Centaur Professional Overdrive, was buffered. The KTR, allows the user, via the switch, to choose between buffered output or so-called true-bypass output the former almost always yields a signal with more presence than the latter.

    Outboard Power: Most regulated 9-volt power supplies should work fine. Do not attempt to power the unit with more than 9 volts, as damage to the circuitry will result, necessitating the replacement of the entire circuit board; please note that this kind of damage is not covered under the unit's warranty.

    Battery Power: As it did in the original Centaur, the standard Duracell Coppertop works well and sounds good in the KTR as well, so use that particular battery if possible. Expect about ten hours' life from a new Duracell; replace the battery whenever you hear a loss of dynamic range, a high-pitched tone (the symptom of a weak battery).

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  • Caline CP-11 Puffer Fuzz Pedal (PUFFERFUZZ)
    Caline Puffer Fuzz Pedal

    • Aluminum alloy housing, good durability.
    • Durable jacks and foot switch.
    • True bypass design, minimizes tone loss and get more control of your pedal.
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  • Deroy Amplification - Fools EQ & Volume Boost Pedal (DEROYOD)

    Deroy Amplification - Fools EQ & Volume Boost Pedal

    Made in Canada - Killer Design and tones!

    This item was shipped without any box but I will bubble wrap it and make sure it's protected for transportation.
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  • Anarchy Audio Baa-Bzz Pedal
    Anarchy Audio Baa-Bzz Fuzz Pedal (AABAABZZ)
    This is a killer fuzz pedal from Anarchy Audio.  The Baa-Bzz is made in Australia and has some of the nicest fuzz tones ever!  I used the pedal in this demo below and as you can hear it's pretty wild!  Please note the actual colour is the same as in this video/same exact pedal.  The actual product picture does vary from the video so please check it out :-)

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  • MP Audio Blue Brit Overdrive (MPBLUEBRITOD)
    Blue Brit Overdrive Pedal
    When I set out to design this pedal, I wanted something that would be versatile, simple to use and sound great with any Guitar or Amp. It had to be suitable for different types of players too, that is both rhythm and lead players. But what I wanted most of all was for it to produce a beautiful rich soulful overdrive; something that could be clean when played lightly, but break up beautifully when you dug in. If I’m completely honest, I wanted it to sound like John Mayer’s tone! The reason for this is it was what I personally would find most useful for my style of playing.

    What I came up with is the Blue Brit!
    The name Blue Britt hopefully isn’t too cryptic, it comes from the fact that its sound was based around Marshall (British) ideas; it’s Blue and sounds great for playing the Blues.
    Although I set out to get that British sound, being a unique design it has ended up being quite unique. I’ve been told that it has some Fender qualities being likened to a Fender Blues Deluxe, but also a bit tweedy. The overriding feedback however is that it is very amp like and hits the self imposed “John Mayer” brief.

    Technical stuff:
    The Blue Brit is an analogue overdrive pedal, that is, it produces a soft clip. However, it is more than that, if you continue to keep pushing up the gain, that soft clip will start to turn into a hard clip. Combine this with a guitar with really hot pick-ups, it can be possible to get full on distortion.
    So if you want just a smooth overdrive leave the gain to the left of twelve o'clock. If you want more of a distortion sound, turn the knob to the right of 12 o'clock. This is obviously an approximation and will depend a lot on the type of amp and pick-up combination you are using.
    The controls are simple: Gain (or drive), Tone (High and mid high cut filter), Presence (To recover the highs when tone is rolled out) and volume.
    When it comes to the engineering side of this pedal, no expense has been spared and no design decisions have been made lightly. 
    I have investigated the so called "Mojo" components and have separated the fact from fiction (I may offend some, but there is no need/benefit for carbon composite resistors in a 9V pedal).
    The design is based around op amps, and instead of using the tired old op amps that have been used for the last 20+ years I have completely thrown out the rule book and gone for the highest quality most sonically accurate, LOWEST NOISE op amp I could find; An op amp typically found in high quality headphone pre-amps and hi-fi gear.
    My reasoning for this is simple: Good pedals of days gone by used the best op-amps transistors they had available at the time. I can only assume they did this because they valued the original signal from the guitar and did their utmost to preserve it. It made perfect sense then to use only the best amplifiers available today instead of the relatively noisy old op amps from the 80s.
    The result is an incredibly rich full bodied sound that truly represents the original tone of the guitar being used which I believe is unrivalled when it comes to audio quality and the "True Tone" of your guitar.
    Having said all of this, some things are best done the old way; the Blue Brit will sound best when used with a tube amp. This is because it drives hard and will induce overdrive from your tubes causing your amp to sing along too. That's not to say it won’t sound good in a solid state amp, but you won’t get that double helping of awesome overdrive you get with a tube amp.

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  • MFZ-1 Fuzz Pedal
    Toyroom Guitar Effects MFZ-1 Maestro style Fuzz Pedal (EX-DEMO) (TRGFXMFZ-1)
    Toyroom Guitar Effects MFZ-1 Maestro style Fuzz Pedal (EX-DEMO)

    Used once for video purposes

    Looking for a killer Australian Made Fuzz Pedal?  Check out this beast!

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  • Hotone Wood Acoustic Simulation Pedal (HOTONEWOOD)
    Hotone Wood Acoustic Simulation Pedal

    Ex-Demo.  This pedal is in excellent condition and has only been used for video purposes.  Please note this pedal is not covered by any warranties but is sold in 100% working order.

    Acoustic Guitar Simulator
    Hotone WOOD is an acoustic guitar simulator stompbox designed for guitarists.
    If you are tired of carrying an acoustic guitar along to the stage or studio, the compact WOOD pedal is for you. Its wide adjustable range is enough to turn an ordinary electric guitar tone into a variety of natural, realistic acoustic tones.
    The 3-way toggle switch lets you choose from J (Jumbo), D (Dreadnought) and P (Piezo) simulation modes; the BODY knob and the TOP knob can further shape your tone.
    True bypass design
    Large range adjustability to fit every electric guitar
    3 simulation modes
    TOP and BODY knobs for accurate tone shaping
    ✪ True Bypass Footswitch
    ✪ Zinc Alloy Outer Cover
    ✪ Transparent top knob and 2 cool small black knobs
    ✪ Cool LED lights
    ✪ Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)
    ✪ Weight: 190 g
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  • Caline CP-25 Highway Man Overdrive Pedal (CP-25)
    Caline CP-25 Highway Man Overdrive Pedal

    Looking for that perfect pedal for rhythm and lead tones? The Caline Highway Man works perfectly as either and stacks extremely well with other pedals as well. It features a two band EQ as well as a drive and volume pot for easy and great tone shaping options.  

    •Highly dynamic low to medium gain overdrive
    •Stacks great with other pedals
    •True bypass design.
    Case Material: Aluminium Alloy
    Power:  DC 9V adapter
    Weight: 264g
    Size: 11 (L)*6.5 (W)*5.5 (H) cm
    Package included
    1 x Caline CP-25 Effect Pedal

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  • Caline CP-10 Hot Mushroom Compressor Pedal (EC753)
    Caline CP-10 Hot Mushroom Compressor Pedal

    Compressors take away your dynamics but what they do in return is give you more of everything and it's perceived as a more balanced overall tone and sound with a volume boost.  Compressors are used mostly for Funk and Country guitar playing.  They offer more spank and balanced dynamics between each of the strings.

    True bypass design
    Balance volume, Join the compression of timbre
    Create a wonderful sense of tapping, exquisite portamento and Rich dynamic range.
    Use the COMP and LEVEL knobs to find your ideal tone. 
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  • Clone Central Demon Tube Screamer (CLONETS808)
    The Clone Central Demon Screamer is based on a few classic overdrive tones!

    This pedal will give you all the famous tones of both the the Ibanez TS9 and Ibanez TS808 Pedals
    • Classic Vintage Overdrive
    • Tone Switch Selector - TS9 and TS808
    • Three controls - Drive, Tone, and Volume
    • Works with both a 9v Battery (not included) or a 9v Boss style Power Supply Unit.
    • High quality PCB board
    • High quality Jacks and pots
    Note:  Suggested pedal to stack with this is the Clone Central Clone Centaur Pedal

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  • Caline CP-22 Purple Smoke Clear Boost Pedal (CALINECP22CLEAR)
    Caline CP-22 Clear Boost Pedal

    This pedal is essentially a volume "kick" in the guts for your amplifier without changing your guitar tone.  It adds a little transparent overdrive for good measure making it perfect for dialing in the perfect off-clean tone without any mid humps.  With the gain at full it will give you a usable, transparent and fairly low gain overdrive.  Think of it as a kick in the guts for your other pedals or tube amplifier.  However you use it, it sounds great! Running it before other pedals will sound awesome too.

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