Overdrive is a lighter form of distortion usually found when a tube or valve amplifier is pushed so loud on clean that it starts to break up.  These pedals are designed to emulate that particular sound are are suited for Blues, Classic Rock, Rock and more.  If you're looking for something heavier try the Distortion Pedals department.
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  • Caffiene Booster
    Sitek GE Caffiene Booster Pedal (SITEKDISTORTION)

    Caffeine is a Booster pedal perfect for boosting the volume of your instrument, pushing your tube amp into more “crunchy” territory, providing an additional channel of gain to your dirt pedals or simply enriching the harmonic content of your signal
    Handmade in Ireland
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  • Bad Pixel Pedals F**k You Real Tube Boost (BADPIXEL)

    Bad Pixel Pedals F**k You Real Tube Boost

    * 12AU7 Tubes [nice NOS or as new vintage tubes will be included with the pedal. Again we strive to harvest the best for our pedals. We do trust the older production tubes better. So brands will vary. So, you will always  be getting high quality European / American or Japanese  with our pedals]
    * NOS USSR Military Capacitors [high spec]
    * Carbon composition 1/2 watt resistors
    * Ceramic plate tube socket
    * Switch for input capacitor selection
    * Neutrik jacks
    * Alpha potentiometers
    * Chemically etched graphics
    * Design like no other
    * Highest quality
    * Lifetime warranty free


    This pedal says it all..... Imagine this ph@llic statue on stage boosting your frequencies. Questions will fly by and you will be center of attention. Well, it is such a nice boost/overdrive!!!! It features one 12AU7 TUBE [included] and point to point wiring. Now with a toggle for a selection of the input capacitor. It also works great with bass guitar. One way to describe it ill be the following. Tube boost on [awesomeness] / Tube boost Off [boringgggg]! You choose
    The fascinating thing about it is that it gives the tube character to any amp you plug it in. It can make a cr@ppy little solid state amp sound like a tube one. So not only it boosts but also adds a tube flavor. It does not compress that much. The signal will be bigger, more open, louder with a really rich breakup. All you are asking for!!!!
    Only powered with a standard 9v dc adapter.
    So if you are after a real tube booster, this is the way to go. It captures all the tube flavor we love in tube amps and gives you the ability to add it with more flexibility!!! You try it once.......... you cannot turn it off!!!! Lots of punch and output and great break up.. a winner!
    Crazy name but an amazing pedal!
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