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The Hotlanta takes the Best of each of our pedals and incorporates them into one Pedal and goes well beyond. The Hotlanta is amplifier reactive. Sensitive to the touch and responds to every note with a bloom of tone. And it is Hot! HotLanta allows you to plug into a clean amp on low volume and have it react and sound as if you had the volume cranked to 11. It is a Guitar Players Dream.

* The pedal cleans up with your volume knob and saturates into tube like compression with plenty of pick attack as you roll the volume up or down. The Harmonics are so pronounced and Natural, it makes a non-tube amp sound like a tube amp. The harder you pick the more your notes bloom and swell. The Sustain is Amazing.

* HotLanta is dynamic and touch-sensitive. It is one of the most amazing pedals that has been introduced in many years. The tone of this pedal captures you by surprise. It has been described as featuring: “every element of that early 70’s legendary rock tone” to “Fillmore East for any Amp!” it nails the Allman Brothers tone and it doesn’t stop there…. It very much has all the elements of Blackmore, Gilmour, Page, Gibbons, Hendrix and many more of those legendary Guitar heroes.

* Engineered for dynamic response and vintage coloration. Completely sensitive to the volume and tone knobs of your guitar. The Voice control allows you to dial in a vintage speaker quality. Similar to an old JBL D120. The mid-range and highs are soaked in sustain and saturation. The balance is exceptional.

* This Dual Drive Pedal gives you the added benefit of having an extra gain stage when you want a little more. Perfect for solo’s or added drive without having to stack extra pedals.

* Every Component used to build HotLanta is hand picked and tested for exact measurements.


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