The Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal

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Produced in partnership with Fender and Bigsby, the Gamechanger Audio Bigsby polyphonic pitch-shifting pedal gives you a new way to enjoy the legendary tremolo system. At first glance, Gamechanger’s love for the traditional Bigsby shines through. A gorgeously crafted L-shape foot pedal evokes the hardware and provides both up and down pitch-shifting control. However, guitarists at Sweetwater have found that this is much more than a standard Bigsby. The pitch-shifting range is adjustable up to a full octave, and a SHARC processor-powered hybrid algorithm provides seamless shifting at low and high intervals. Gamechanger went out of their way to ensure that the Bigsby pedal preserves the natural timbre of electric guitars, baritone guitars, and bass — it even works with acoustic instruments. In addition, the Bigsby pedal includes a detune parameter, which emulates the imperfections and dissonances of a mechanical string-bending system. Add in an auto mode for lush vibrato and the ability to use the Bigsby as a unique expression pedal, and you’ve got one of the coolest pitch-shifting pedals available!

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